A new fuel dock is now open at Coyote Point Marina located in Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo. Fuel service is available to Marina tenants and visiting boaters, every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Marina staff encourages boaters to call in advance at (650) 573-2594 to ensure that staff is available to assist.

The process to replace the aging fuel system began in 2013 following the failure of the original supporting wood pilings. These pilings were replaced with 12-inch diameter steel pilings, the base of which were secured approximately 24 feet under water and well into bedrock. Following the reestablishment of the dock, new gas, diesel and utility lines were installed.  The dock also features new fuel dispensers and a sophisticated monitoring system that will detect and alert Marina staff of any breach in the fuel system.

The completion of the fuel dock follows other recent improvements at the Marina, including the construction of Dock 29 which is made of concrete and provides access to 10 new 60-foot slips and 12, 45-foot slips. Dock 29 connects to two other docks and features an 80-foot ramp that meets standards set by the American with Disabilities Act.

To obtain information about berthing rates and access, contact the Coyote Point Marina at (650) 573-2594