At Wunderlich Park
Sunday, August 26, 2018 - 4pm-7pm

Kick up your heels at the Big Bad Barn Dance and BBQ at the historic Folger Stable hosted by the Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks. This event supports projects and programs in these much-loved parks. The barn dance will feature local musicians, a live dance caller, catered BBQ, local and craft beer, and wine in a beautiful and historic setting.

A free 5 minute shuttle is provided for your convenience from Woodside Elementary School at 3195 Woodside Road.

Tickets are $75 each and support our Huddart Park Nature Hikes for Kids, Folger School History Program, Hikes with the Friends, the Folger Stable Museum, Folger Stable Speaker Series and more. Thank you for celebrating with and supporting the Friends!

Register by August 25, 2018 on the Friends of Huddart & Wunderlich Parks website.