Happy New Year everyone! With a new year we often hold ourselves to new and higher standards, hoping to lose weight and unhealthy habits and spend more time with friends and family enjoying new experiences.

It's about a month past the New Year and I wanted to check in! It's often hard to keep up those lofty goals without some new motivation or ideas.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscles, exercise more, or experience new places San Mateo County Parks has a destination for you!

Recommended Hiking Trails

  • Montara Mountain Trek: Take this 8.5 mile round-trip hike from a secluded valley over the crest of Montara Mountain to Montara State Beach! Plan for a long two way hike or take a partner and park a car at both ends! Start with the Montara Mountain Trail in San Pedro Valley Park and turn right on the Montara Mountain Road in Rancho Corral de Tierra. This hike would be rated at moderately challenging. Go to Montara Mountain Trail »
  • Wandering in the Redwoods: Take a break from civilization and get metaphorically “lost” in the woods at Huddart Park! Park at the Zwierlein Picnic Area (because it's fun to say!) and start down the Crystal Springs Trail for about 0.2 mile. Make a loop out of it by turning left onto the Dean Trail and coming back on the Crystal Springs Trail. Be sure to stop at McGarvey Flat for a snack or picnic! Round-trip this hike is 5 miles and rated moderately challenging. View Huddart Park Map »
  • Bring Your Camera Hike: Experience panoramic views of the entire Bay Area during this hike of the Summit Trail on San Bruno Mountain. Start your hike on the Dairy Ravine Trail and continue on the Summit Trail to the top of the mountain! Sights of the Farallon Islands, Mount Diablo, Downtown San Francisco and many more places can be seen (if not cloudy or foggy!). This 3.1 mile hike is rated moderately challenging. Go to Summit Loop Trail »

Running and Biking Trails

  • Bay Trail: The San Francisco Bay Trail is a work in progress that when complete will circle the entire Bay. Try the scenic segment at Coyote Point Recreation Area from Coyote Point to Seal Point Park (City of San Mateo) and around the point with beautiful views across the bay and of San Bruno Mountain and SFO. Go to Bay Trail »
  • California Coastal Trail: The California Coastal Trail (CCT) is a network of public trails for walkers, bikers, equestrians, and is wheel chair accessible along the 1200-mile California coastline. San Mateo County Parks has four segments of the California Coastal Trail. You can traverse sections at Mirada Surf, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Pillar Point Bluff, and Devil's Slide Trail. Check out these parks »
  • Crystal Springs Regional Trail: Crystal Springs Regional Trail has popular paved bicycling trails. Try Sawyer Camp or San Andreas segments for beautiful views of the San Francisco Watershed. Go to Crystal Springs Regional Trail »
  • Weiler Ranch Trail: A mile-long gravel road for use by hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians. The trail follows the valley floor of the Middle Fork of San Pedro Creek and offers excellent wildlife viewing. Go to Weiler Ranch Trail »
  • Bicycle Sunday: Every Sunday the segment of CaƱada Road between the Filoli entrance and Highway 92 closes to motorized traffic, allowing for activities like jogging, bicycling, hiking, roller-skating, and walking. Learn more about Bicycle Sunday »

New Experiences

  • Camping: Drive less than an hour to experience some of the oldest and tallest trees in San Mateo County! Memorial Park Campground has been used by generations of families since it was first opened in 1924. Fun activities are offered for campers, such as hikes, arts and crafts and campfire programs! Reserve your spot today! Make a reservation »
  • Backpacking: Try your hand at backpacking! Hike-in camps are available to backpackers on a first come, first served basis at Shaw Flat and Tarwater Trail Camps in Pescadero Creek County Park. For more information check out activities at Pescadero Creek Park »
  • Horseback riding: Get back in the saddle and take a trail ride through Wunderlich Park. Learn more »
  • Special Events: Join us for a Ranger led event! Check out the many events we're offering this year with San Mateo County Parks! This list is updated quarterly. If you wish to receive updates by email about our events schedule, please email me at kewright@smcgov.org.
  • Volunteering: Volunteer your time with the Stewardship Corps!

Remember: "Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt." John Muir

See you in the parks!
Park Ranger Katherine