Brooks Creek Trail

Brooks Creek Trail begins in the Eucalyptus forest as a split from the Old Trout Farm Trail Loop. You will ascend at a moderate degree of difficulty along rich, native Coastal Chaparral before reaching an expansive clearing with an impressive view of the north slope of Montara Mountain and its lush valley below. It is at this point, during the rain season, where the headwaters of Brooks Creek can be seen flowing as a multi-tiered waterfall into the canyon below. The trail continues around the canyon slope through coastal scrub until it ends at the intersection with Montara Mountain Trail with a scenic oceanic view and the town of Pacifica below. As it joins with Montara Mountain Trail, Brooks Creek Trail forms a 2.2-mile loop.

Surface: Soil Length: 1.1 miles Open to: Hikers Trail Elevation Change: 461 ft. (See Elevation Profile)

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