Crystal Springs Dam Project

San Mateo County Department of Public Works is managing a project to build a road and trail over the recently elevated Crystal Springs Dam. This 626’-long road and bridge will connect the Sawyer Camp Trail at the north to a future "gap"" trail that will connect to the recently completed Crystal Springs Regional Trail South of Dam to the south. This 15’-wide trail will connect to the future Complete the Gap Trail. The Crystal Springs Dam Bridge Project will be completed in winter, 2017. PG&E will then remove their two high voltage towers and relocate their high voltage line under the bridge. Learn More »

Complete the Gap Trail Project

In November 2016, San Mateo County Parks Department started the design, planning and permitting for the Complete the Gap Trail. This trail will begin where the Crystal Springs Dam Bridge and Trail ends and finishes at the start of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail South of Dam Project. During winter 2017, conceptual plans will be presented at a public meeting. Additional information about design plans and permits will be posted once they become available. Learn More »

For more information, please contact Project Manager Cecily Harris at 650-363-4027 or