This 14-Acre Site is bordered by Highway 1 on the north side and the Pacific Ocean on the south. It is bordered on the east and west by Peninsula Open Space Trust (P.O.S.T.) properties. Whaler’s Cove lies to the west and a portion of the Cloverdale Coastal Ranch lies to the east. It is mostly covered with low coastal shrubs and grasses. There is farmland on the western third of the property that is designated prime agricultural land. There is extensive damage from motor vehicle traffic on the eastern third of the property. The entire site slopes moderately to short steep bluffs. There is one area on the eastern edge of the property that currently provides unimproved beach access.

The proposed improvements would provide a trail system that would allow visitors to walk about the site and enjoy the scenic views. The trail consists of decomposed granite and includes overlook areas that provide benches, and interpretive signs. Areas previously damaged by unlimited access will be restored with hydroseed. Site amenities include benches and interpretive signs.

A concrete stairway provides beach access on the eastern edge of the site. Future access to P.O.S.T. properties on either side of the site would be accomplished with bridges spanning drainage channels. The P.O.S.T. property to the north would provide parking for the site and a trail and bridge to the 14-Acre Site. The construction of the bridge to the south will be delayed until there is a southern trail to connect to. All of these trails would be a part of the California Coastal Trail.