San Mateo County Parks Department contracted with TranSystems Corporation to review the Coyote Point Marina, and provide a conceptual plan for future improvements of the marina based on current boating trends in the San Francisco Bay Area coupled with projected marina needs. Our work is based on the needs expressed by the County in the attached Project Description.

Dock 29, comprising the longest berths (50 feet in length) in the Coyote Point Marina, is currently in a much- deteriorated condition. The County has applied to the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways for a loan to allow replacement of the Dock 29 facilities in the near future. A portion of Dock 29 is now out of service due to its deteriorated condition. The replacement of Dock 29 and a long- term plan following the general trend in boat berthing requirements moving toward larger boats, will allow the County to proceed with Marina improvements in the most cost effective manner. With the trend for berthers moving to larger boats comes the need to provide such facilities. The Coyote Point Marina has many smaller berths that incur a high vacancy rate due to lower needs for the smaller berths than was previously required. Reconfiguration of the marina toward larger berth sizes translates to higher occupancy and revenue for the County plus meeting public demand for larger berths. In order to facilitate the increase in occupancy and revenue, some of the changes proposed in the following report are necessary.