November 10th, 2014 - Pavement is laid on the trail segment south of the dam.


The CSRT South of Dam Project is part of the planned 17.5-mile CSRT that stretches from the City of San Bruno to the City of Woodside. Today the CSRT serves over 325,000 hikers, joggers, equestrians, and cyclists annually and is one of the most popular facilities operated by County Parks. People of all ages can be seen on a given day, from parents with children in strollers to distance runners to groups of walkers. Visitation continues to grow as people seek local places to recreate, socialize, and enjoy nature.

San Mateo County is designing a new section of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail. This section will be created from an existing 4,480-foot-long service road that starts approximately 1,300 linear feet south of the Crystal Springs Dam on Skyline Boulevard and ends just north of Highway 92 on Skyline Boulevard. The new trail follows the contours of the Crystal Springs Reservoir and has San Francisco Watershed lands on both sides.

Existing gates at the north and south ends of the service road will be replaced to accommodate pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian use as well as maintenance vehicles. Benches, informational and entry signs, kiosks and a restroom will be added to support the visitor experience. Requirements for public trails within the San Francisco Watershed include incorporation of a 6’ chain link fence with barbed wire on the western side of the trail, and a five strand barbed wire fence on the eastern side.