Flood Park Baseball Diamond

Capacities BBQs Water Electricity Distances Tables Disabilities
# Standing: 0 Number: 0 Available: Yes Available: No Parking: 30 ft. # Picnic: 0 Accessible: No
# Seated: 216 Size: n/a Distance: 20 ft. Distance: n/a Playground: 350 ft. Picnic Size: n/a Drive to: Yes
Drive to: Yes Shape: n/a Faucets: 2 Outlets: n/a Trails: 0 ft. Picnic Shape: n/a To Parking: 75 ft.
  Fuel: n/a Fountains: 2 Amps: n/a Lawn Area: 0 ft. # Serving: 0 Trails: No
        Rest Rooms: 105 ft. Serving Size: n/a Tables: No
        Trash Area: 10 ft. Serving Shape: n/a To Rest Room: 562 ft.
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