Enjoy an informative series of natural history lectures at the San Pedro Valley Park Visitors Center, brought to you by the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park. Learn more at the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park website.

  • Saturday, July 28 - 3pm-5pm

    Awesome Metamorphosis!

    In her 2nd presentation designed for children from kindergarten through 8th grade, Stephanie Doyle, aka the Beetle Lady, brings her second delightful presentation that will discuss the amazing transformation that so many insects undergo. From worm-like larvae, many insects magically transform into the curious and beautiful adults that we know as butterflies, beetles and flies. Others look the same and just grow wings. Stephanie will bring live arthropods to observe and then lead the kids outside to sample our local insects. Learn More

  • Saturday, August 11 - 3pm-4pm

    How We Develop From a Single Cell to Us

    Carmen Domingo is the Dean of San Francisco State University's College of Science and Engineering and national leader in promoting women in science. We are honored to have her present her insights from her research in developmental biology describing how a single cell can divide and differentiate to produce all the wonderful organs and tissues that assemble into the amazing individual that you are. Learn More

  • Sunday, September 16 - 4pm

    The Value of the Pacifica Land Trust

    Join Kathy Kellerman for a talk about the acquisition and restoration of lands, that are making Pacifica a more resilient and vibrant environment for all to enjoy. Learn More

  • Saturday, November 10 - 3pm-4pm

    Live Bats for Kids

    Corky Quirk returns with her entertaining discussion of the life of bats and their value to the ecosystem. Observe live bats upclose. Designed for kids but adults love her presentations too. Learn More