Enjoy an informative series of natural history lectures at the San Pedro Valley Park Visitors Center, brought to you by the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park, held at the park visitors center. Learn more at the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park website.

  • Saturday, February 15 - 3pm

    Morgan Stickrod: Farallone Ecosystems

    A mere 30 miles offshore from the bustling metropolis of San Francisco, the Farallon Islands can seem more wild and remote than some of North America’s most geographically isolated wilderness areas. Join Morgan Stickrod to learn about the ecosystems of these craggy islands. Learn more »

  • Tuesday, February 18 - 1pm

    Creepy Critters for Kids Returns

    A kid-friendly program featuring large reptiles like the Mojave tortoise, an awesome monitor lizard, a not-tiny alligator, a boa constrictor, and a bonus tarantula. Learn more »