Friendship Park

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Most San Mateo County Parks Services are Open

Most San Mateo County Park services are currently open. This includes 21 of 24 parks, regional trails, playgrounds and single household use picnic tables. Learn more »

Friendship Park, less than an acre in size, is a recreational neighborhood space with thirty community garden planters, colorful climbing structures, swing slides and more. Kids from the neighborhood contributed to the design by painting the large butterflies along the fence. The park was was developed with community partners on SFPUC land and is managed by the San Mateo County Parks Department.

Hosting a Vegetable Bed

For more information on how to host one of Friendship Park's 31 raised vegetable beds, please contact Gloria Cahuich Gonzalez at or by phone at (650) 573-3665.

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