December 2016 - The Green Valley Trail Project’s California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Mitigated Negative Declaration will be reviewed at a future San Mateo County Planning Commission Meeting. Information will be posted on the Parks and Planning and Building Department websites at a later date. The project is experiencing delays and we haven’t finalized permit consultations, mitigation or alignment.

A Notice of Availability was published in the San Mateo Times on October 29, 2016 and in the Half Moon Bay Review on November 2, 2016. A copy of the CEQA Mitigated Negative Declaration was also posted in the San Mateo County Clerk’s Office. The State of California Clearinghouse has included the notice in the November 16 to 30, 2016 List.

September 21, 2016 - California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Mitigated Negative Declaration posted.

September 7, 2016 - 90% Plans posted.

Working with Caltrans and California State Parks staff, we have finalized the alignment of the Green Valley Trail over their lands. This approximately one-mile trail section of California Coastal Trail will eventually connect the Devil’s Slide Trail to the Gray Whale Cove Trail. View More »

October 2015 - A cultural resources report has been prepared:

August 2015 - A presentation was made at the August 6 Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting.

May 2015 - A public workshop is held on May 11th at the Pacifica Community Center. (See the presentation slides from the meeting.)

A flyover of the proposed trail site has been posted to Vimeo.

April 2015 - Several technical studies have been prepared:

  • (See a GIS version of the maps from these studies.)

A project base map has been developed to show six segments of trail.

November 2014 - A contractor has been hired and will begin work in January 2015. During the next year, plans and specifications will be developed and permits will be requested. In addition, public meetings to review proposed plans will be held. Check back at this page for information about meeting dates and locations.

September 2014 - Request for Proposals (now closed).