5-Year Fuel Management Program Focused on Forest Health & Community Safety

Butano Ridge Fire - August 18, 2020

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

San Mateo County Parks’ five-year wildfire fuel management program to improve forest resiliency and reduce wildfire risks primarily in parks that are near private dwellings, also called the wildland urban interface, was recently presented to the Board of Supervisors.

The plan identifies 32 projects totaling 1,830 acres to be competed over five years at an estimated cost $18,750,000. A 14-point criteria matrix was used to identify and rank high-threat areas. Funding for first-year projects have been secured through San Mateo County’s Measure K and grants.

By evaluating and prioritizing critical project to mitigate threats to life and property for multiple years, the department will be more effective in allocating staff and financial resources to the full scope of the work, including planning, permitting, treatment and retreatment of areas.

Most of the work will focus on constructing or improving shaded fuel breaks where small trees under 10 inches in diameter, tall brush and dead or dying vegetation is found along park boundaries, fire roads and residential roads. This type of fuel is often a contributing factor in the the spread of wildfire.

View the February 23 report to the Board of Supervisors, which includes a list of projects and presentation slides.

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