Addition of Fitness Zone Tops List of Coyote Point Park Features

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

There are countless ways to experience Coyote Point Recreation Area—ride a bike on the San Francisco Bay Trail, play on any of the three playgrounds, plan a picnic, and add a visit to CuriOdyssey. The recently opened Fitness Zone at Coyote Point expands visitor options in a very healthy way.

Seven exercise stations have been installed along the Bay Trail north of the park entrance. For daily Coyote Point visitors, the stations compliment a walking, running or bike ride warm up. The Fitness Zone includes excerise apparatus for  upper and lower body workouts, including a four-person leg press, a two-person chest press that is wheel chair accessible, and combination stations for back and arms, and abdominal and latissimus workouts. All stations accommodate more than one person, except a single-user rowing machine. Funding for the equipment came from a generous anonymous donor.

Coyote Point welcomes more than 500,000 visitors annually. Each day hundreds of nearby residents access the park using the Bay Trail and the pedestrian walkway on Peninsula Avenue.

Given the popularity of this new park feature that is in use throughout the day, the Department is evaluating other suitable park locations for equipment installation.

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