Updated Monday, July 8, 2019

A pilot program is underway to expand on-leash recreational opportunities in San Mateo County Parks for dogs and their owners.

A Dog Work Group, which has brought together members of the public, Parks Commissioners and staff, is developing the program and working to identify potential county park locations where on-leash dog walking can be piloted and evaluated in keeping with San Mateo County's newly revised dog ordinance.

On June 15, two new parks were added to the list of pilot locations: Coyote Point Recreation Area and Junipero Serra Park. The complete list of pilot locations is now:

When visiting these locations with your dog, please be sure to:

  • Always keep dogs on leash
  • Scoop the poop
  • No more than 3 dogs per person
  • Keep leash 6 feet or less when near others
  • Keep dogs out of playgrounds and other undesignated areas
  • Leave wildlife and vegetation undisturbed

Throughout the pilot San Mateo County park rangers will focus on educating park visitors on the new ordinance and may issue citations with fees for non-compliance.