Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Tidepools

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Be COVID-19 safe during your visit: Maintain at least six feet of distance from those not in your household. If you are unable to do so, please wear your face covering.

Many people know Fitzgerald Marine Reserve as the place to learn about and observe marine life up close. It’s also a Marine Protected Area which requires more staff and care to ensure marine animals and plants are respected. This is not a recreational beach—toys, food and drinks are not allowed.

On May 3, we’ll have adequate staff and support from the Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to reopen and we’re counting on every visitor to help us by following the reserve’s Tidepool Etiquette:

  • Watch your step! Avoid stepping in tidepools and on beds of barnacles, anemones, mussels, and other tidepool life.
  • Do not remove shells, vegetation, rocks or marine life.
  • Please observe marine life by looking only. Do not touch or handle marine life.
  • Do not pull sea stars, mussels, limpets, and other tidepool life off rocks.
  • Do not place marine life in containers for a closer look, even for a few minutes.  Buckets are not allowed.
  • Do not bring your dogs or other pets to the tidepools. Dogs are only allowed on the Dardanelle Trail.
  • Do not play loud radios or amplified music near or around the tidepools.
  • Do not disturb marine mammals, such as harbor seals in their rookery.  Many seek this habitat as a refuge for birthing and raising young. Stay at least 300 feet from any marine mammal—stay behind the orange cones.

By following these rules, you’ll protect the reserve and help keep it open. Plan ahead and download your copy of the self-guided tour sheet.