Tuesday, July 3, 2018

If you haven’t paid a visit to one of your 22 San Mateo County Parks recently, summer is a great time to get familiar with parks that are close by and explore locations beyond your favorite spot, especially with park hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm now through Labor Day.

This season go for the parks that offer shade. Consider hiking and picnicking in Huddart, Memorial and Sam McDonald parks which offer plenty of shade by way of majestic, second-growth Redwoods.

Remember to plan your trip with high temperatures in mind. Hydrate more and often. Bring a water bottle and fill up before and after your hike or jog. Even on overcast days, it’s important to wear hats and apply sunscreen. Early in the day or late in the afternoon are ideal times of day to get your dose of outdoor fun this season.

When hiking with children, remember to pack snacks and water, walk at a slower pace, and keep little ones in sight at all times. Also, be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for poison oak and stay on the trail to minimize you contact with the three-leaved plant that can grow like a vine and is a range of colors from green to yellow and to red during the summer.

If you’re bringing your four-legged family member to one of our pet-friendly parks, keep them on leash and on trail. Doing so can prevent contact with ticks and poison oak. And, remember water for Fido, too.

Finally, consider adjusting your hiking patterns and amount of sun exposure you’re getting. If it’s too hot to do your normal hike length, visit our parks with visitor centers – Edgewood, Wunderlich, Memorial, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and San Pedro Valley.