Monday, December 21, 2015

San Mateo County Parks has just completed a new trail sign system at Pescadero Creek and Sam McDonald County Parks. The signs are similar in design as those at Edgewood County Park and are intended to make navigating these two large parks easier for visitors.

The system features numbered sign posts at each junction that correspond to the sign junctions labeled on our new map. New park brochures are available in the park and on our website.

As a part of this project we have renamed a few of the trails in order to remove the loop trail names, which at times have confused hikers. On occasion, park staff observed that the loops contributed to slower response time to incidents because were not able to report exactly where on the loop they are located. We renamed some trail areas with trails that ran concurrently as this proved confusing to visitors as well.

This trail sign system was first implemented at Edgewood County Park where loop trails also presented trouble for hikers and first responders. The positive response to the trail system encouraged the Department to expand the system with San Mateo County Parks.

Before heading out to Pescadero Creek and Sam McDonald County Parks we recommend that you check out our new maps and familiarize yourself with the name changes as well as the Junction numbers for your route.

Happy trails to you!
San Mateo County Parks