Updated Wednesday, July 19, 2017

San Mateo County Parks recently installed two machines at Coyote Point Recreation Area that make it easier for park visitors to pay the $6 entrance fee using cash, debit and credit cards. The machines allow visitors to either pay as they enter the park or to travel to a second station located in the Beach Group parking area. When using the payment machine, visitors will receive a pay stub that must be placed on the driver’s side of the dashboard of the vehicle. A citation will be issued if the stub is not visible.

We recommend that visitors who plan to visit the beach area of the park, including Magic Mountain area, drive through to the fee machine in that location. While the machines take most cards and cash, it will not make change. We suggest that if you don’t have $6, you use a credit or debit card instead. 25 cents is charged for using a credit or debt card.

For Seniors & Veterans

Seniors (62+) on non-holidays Monday through Friday, and veterans with proof of veteran's status, enter San Mateo County Parks for free. However, you still need to print out a stub and place it on your dashboard.

Senior & Veterans Instructions for Using the Parking Payment Machines

  1. Press D
  2. Choose cash or credit
  3. Select Senior or Veteran (same line)
  4. The following prompt will appear: Proof of Elegibility May Be Required - press D to Print Pass
  5. Press D
  6. Remove pass from the receipt tray
  7. display on your dashboard, face up

Pay Station Locations: See $ markers below.