Monday, August 27, 2018

On Sunday, August 26, the San Mateo County Parks Department Park Shuttle, providing service to Edgewood and Wunderlich Parks, ended service. The shuttle was launched to address transportation barriers some community members encounter when attempting to visit San Mateo County Parks. Few of the 22 parks in the San Mateo County system are accessible by public transportation. After two years of service and declining ridership, the Department decided not to reapply for grant funding and to discontinue the service.

The Department will continue to foster the relationships that have been established during the Park Shuttle program, especially with the San Mateo County Health System, San Mateo County Library System, and local non-profits and will explore cost-effective and direct methods that help connect communities to parks. The shared goal is to continue introducing outdoor experiences to those who may not regularly visit a county park.

To learn about San Mateo County Park events and programs, visit Parks Events.