Wednesday, December 18, 2019

San Mateo County Parks are open 365 days a year and winter is an excellent time to venture out and experience a park in a new way. This winter, for your safety, please remain aware of your surroundings and current weather conditions while hiking and enjoying parks.

Coastal Areas

When walking on the coastal bluff areas of Pillar Point Bluff, Mirada Surf and Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, be aware of fissures on trails near the bluff edge. We advise hikers to stay on designated trails, do not go near bluff edges and do not walk directly under bluffs when on the beach. For your safety and others, please heed trail warning signs and barriers.

Forested Areas

If you frequent our heavily wooded parks, we encourage you to be vigilant during windy conditions to avoid falling branches. Stay on service roads and wide trails so you are not directly under large tree canopies. At the same time, be aware that pooling water on trails can be slippery or cause trail erosion which can make trails uneven.

Our park rangers patrol parks even during storms to inspect the trails and general park conditions and identify any problem areas, including downed trees and creek overflow, and work to post advisories and close parks where necessary. We often post closures and advisories on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Check these sites or call the Department’s general number, Monday through Thursday, at (650) 363-4021.