Wunderlich Park Forest Health & Fuel Reduction Update

Wunderlich Park Forest Health Work - September 2021

Updated Saturday, January 22, 2022

Beginning the week of Jan. 24, Forest Health work in Wunderlich Park will resume in the chaparral areas around the Meadow Gate off Bear Gulch Road. Crews will selectively thin over-dense shrubs, and small, dead or diseased trees. Beneath the forest canopy, trees 8 inches or fewer in diameter will be removed, while in the open the same sized trees will be selectively thinned to a distance of 15 to 20 feet apart. Crews will leave significant stands of huckleberry, toyon, and hazelnut, which provide important habitat for native species. 

The process is noisy and disperses woody debris on trails, roads, and facilities. Crews work Monday through Friday. 

Trail Closures

While work is performed in this area, Bear Gulch Trail will be closed between markers 18 and 20. See a map of the trail closure » 

COVID-19 Info
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