Ridgeview Trail

The Ridgeview Trail traces the sunny southern side of Edgewood Park's 875-foot crowning ridge and offers spectacular vistas of the serpentine grasslands below. To the south, beside 280, lies an off-trail butterfly habitat, which because it is regularly mowed to encourage growth of native food species for the butterflies, errupts with especially vivid splashes of yellow and gold flowers. The trail ends with a 0.1-mile climb to "Inspiration Heights," situated on the southeastern end of the ridge, where hikers may enjoy views of the San Francisco Bay, from Mt. Diablo and Mt. Hamilton in the east to the Santa Cruz Mountain skyline ridge in the west. Combine the Ridgeview Trail with the Live Oak Trail to make a mile-long loop around the entire crest of the ridge.

Surface: Soil Length: 0.6 miles Open to: Hikers, Equestrians
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