Wunderlich Park

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Most San Mateo County Parks Services are Open

Most San Mateo County Park services are currently open. This includes 21 of 24 parks, regional trails, playgrounds and single household use picnic tables. Learn more »

Wunderlich Park is a hillside area of redwood forest, open meadows, and beautiful oaks and madrones. The park is largely open space, with a system of beautiful trails. Both horseback riding and hiking are available. This area was donated to the County by Martin Wunderlich. It contains what was once the Folger family ranch, and the estate stable and surrounding buildings have been restored to provide a historic treasure to the community. Take a self-guided tour ยป

There are picnic tables for drop-in picnicking but no day-use reservable facilities are available.

No dogs or other pets are allowed in Wunderlich Park. See more Regulations »

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