Coyote Point Recreation Area Regulations

To preserve the natural environment of Coyote Point Recreation Area, all plants, animals and natural features are protected.

  • During the San Mateo County Parks Dog Pilot Program, dogs are allowed on trail in designated areas. Please check signage for restrictions. Other pets are not allowed.
  • Picking or removing wildflowers or other natural material is prohibited.
  • Fires are permitted in park barbecue pits only - no ground fires.
  • Cutting and gathering of wood is prohibited.
  • Motor vehicles and bicycles are permitted only on paved roadways and in established parking areas.
  • Firearms and other weapons are prohibited.
  • Loud radios and the playing of amplified musical instruments are not permitted.
  • Park opens at 8:00 A.M. and closes at the preset time prior to sunset.
  • Beer and wine only are allowed in certain areas, no hard liquor.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Feeding of wildlife is prohibited.
  • Leaving designated trails is prohibited.
  • Hunting is not permitted per California State Fish and Game Regulations.
  • The operation of drones or other self-propelled model vehicles (remote control airplanes, automobiles, boats, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Due to high voltage power lines, Mylar (metallic) balloons  are not allowed at Coyote Point Park.
  • RV Campers: see our rules and regulations for RV Camping at Coyote Point.
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